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HowTo : How to Clean Your Synthetic Diamonds

Soualy HowTo : How to Clean Your Synthetic Diamonds

Did you know that the physical properties of synthetic diamonds are no different from those of naturally occurring diamonds? It’s true. Synthetic diamonds, also known as HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds, are gemstones that are produced as a result of an artificial process.

Synthetic diamonds require the same care as their genuine counterparts, and, when well maintained, offer the same fire, luster, and magnificence as any naturally occurring diamond.

Synthetic diamond care

Synthetic diamond

Is Home Cleaning a Safe Alternative?

Cleaning synthetic diamonds at home is usually a viable option in most cases.

However, if there is any question regarding the type of metal or accent stones that were used to accompany the diamonds, the course of wisdom would definitely be to leave cleaning to a professional.

Additionally, an expert jewelry cleaner would be the best choice if the setting surrounding the stones is not secure.

If these situations do not apply to you, then you can safely move forward to the next step.

The Bare Necessities:

  • Space to Clean Jewelry
  • Towel
  • Water and Bowl
  • Tweezers
  • Jewelry Cleaning Solution
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Flannel Cloth


1. Spread out the towel on the space that has been chosen as the jewelry cleaning area. Make sure that the space has adequate lighting for seeing crevices in the jewelry.

2. Using a pair of tweezers, remove any hairs or fibers that are lodged in the prongs or setting.

3. Presoak jewelry in a bowl of water to remove any dirt. Alternatively, firmly grip the jewelry over an empty bowl while allowing running water to pass over it.

4. Dip ring in jewelry cleaning solution and soak for about five minutes, if desired. Jewelry cleaning liquid can be purchased at your local jewelry store or mass merchandiser. Click here to see a jewelry cleaning kit that is very popular.

5. Using a soft bristle brush, delicately scrub the synthetic diamond with circular motions, changing angles frequently to reach into crevices. However, be sure to keep a firm grip on your jewelry.

6. Rinse jewelry thoroughly under running water or submerge in a bowl of fresh water to ensure that all cleaning solution has been removed.

7. To enhance your stone’s luminosity and brilliance, use a clean flannel cloth to dry the jewelry. Continue to polish the stone and its setting until the desired effect has been reached.

Things to Avoid

1. Never use sharp objects like pins or needles to remove dirt and grime from jewelry settings.

2. To prevent erosion or discoloration of your synthetic diamond and its metal setting, avoid using bleach and abrasive chemicals when cleaning your jewelry.

3. Never remove the synthetic diamond from its setting to clean it. If necessary, let a qualified professional make any modifications.

By following these suggestions, you will ensure that your synthetic diamond will shine brightly for years to come.

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