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DIY : How to Clean Gold Ring or Bracelet at Home ?

clean gold ring

How to Clean Gold Ring, Chain or Bracelet at Home ?

DIY : Clean your Gold Jewelry in 5 Steps

You are able to clean and maintain the shine of your gold rings, chains or bracelets at home following these steps without any commercial products :

  1. Mix a bit of Dawn dish detergent in warm, not hot, water.
  2. Soak your gold jewelry in the soap mixture for 2 or 3 hours.
  3. Carefully brush with a new, baby-size soft toothbrush or with a cotton swab.
  4. Place in warm water to rinse.
  5. Air dry or carefully towel-dry with paper towel or regular and soft cloth.

Remember: gold is a soft metal. Be gentle during the brushing and drying processes.

Hazards to Avoid

Because of gold jewelry’s high chance of tarnish*, there are a couple specific substances to avoid:

Soap – Steer clear of any soap with unknown ingredients. Basic blue Dawn dish soap is fine, but remove your gold jewelry before showering to avoid accumulating a film from other body washes.

Chlorine – Chlorine, especially at high temperatures like in a hot tub, can permanently damage or discolor your gold jewelry. Remember to remove it when cleaning with chlorine bleach, too!

*While pure gold does not tarnish, almost all gold jewelry is an alloy, as mentioned above. Depending on the percentage of other metals mixed with the gold, there is chance for tarnish. Better safe than sorry!

Gold Jewelry with Colored Gemstones

Due to the characteristics of many colored gemstones, we advise asking your jeweler about the safest at-home cleaning method for any pieces with stones other than pure diamonds.

Many natural gemstones are treated or enhanced after extraction, impacting how you should clean your jewelry.

If you need a quick polish before you’ll have a chance to visit your jeweler, skip the ammonia and give your piece a quick dip in the soap and water mixture. This method is safe for almost all colored stone jewelry.

How to Maintain your Gold Jewelry

Ideally you should take gold pieces to a jeweler annually to have them checked for loose parts. And while you’re there, get them steamed and buffed until they’re super shiny.

How to Store your Gold Jewelry

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. That way, your necklace won’t get spritzed with perfume and your earrings won’t get caught in your clothes. To prevent scratches and tangles, separate pieces on velvet-lined trays, in boxes with compartments, or in small zippered plastic bags.

3 Common Problems, Solved

  • A knotted chain: First, undo the clasp. Next, dab olive oil on the knot and lay the chain on a flat surface. Using two pins, set to work untangling the knot. Then clean the chain using the method above.
  • A broken chain: Take it to a professional, who will solder the pieces together and add more gold as necessary. The price depends on the complexity. Simple solderings start at $20.
  • Scratches: Cleaning and polishing with a jewelry cloth will minimize the appearance of scratches. To remove a deep mark, seek out a pro. Prices start at about $35.

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